Android Application Development with Node JS and MongoDB

Learn online android application development at Nextstacks. Create your first android application and add multiple features like custom views, file storage, API's, fetching data etc.

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The current market trend is to build for mobile first, this is because the number of users using mobile devices have been increasing exponentially. In this course you will learn how to build an Android application on android studio which is the official IDE for building Android apps. We will be using Java in this course because Java is the most popular language used to develop Android applications and has been used longer than any other language currently in the market. We will be creating a backend application as well in this course using Express JS and MongoDB. Our Android app will then communicate with the backend to add, update and delete data from the MongoDB database. MongoDB and Express JS have become a very popular choice of database and backend framework for a lot of major companies. The adoption rate is very high and the community of developers using these technologies is very large. The demand for Android developers will always be high because of the rising number of SaaS based companies who are focusing only on mobile applications.

Course contents
Learn Android app development and reach over 2 billion android users around the globe.
Learn Android app development and reach over 2 billion android users around the globe.
Learn how to add your project to a Git Repository and have the files constantly synced to the cloud and keep the code updated.
In this course we will be learn the basics of Java and Object Oriented Programming.
MongoDB and Express
Learn the essentials of MERN stack by gaining expertise of MongoDB and Express JS

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